Great New Product- Vegemite Jerky

Yes Vegemite Beef jerky AND it is awesome. People love it. After experimenting with and some trial and error as is expected  we slowly came to the best mixture and that worked well. We trialed it at the markets with our customers and we didn't need to make any adjustments. It was perfect. What more could you want, A Vegemite fix any time any where and I always take it with me when I travel. The smell of it when i open a packet on a plane trip has everyone's mouth watering and I end up sharing it around. 

The Launch of our Vegemite Jerky was officially done at Beef Australia in 2018 and was a huge success and we were only going to do it for a limited time but the demand was so big we decided to keep making it and was added to the list of our  other products.

We use vegemite in some of our everyday cooking as it puts great flavor in food. One of my favorites is when I cook a steak on the BBQ I give it a coat of vegemite while I am cooking as it dissolves into the meat like a marinate. I sometimes cover it in cheese and let it melt all over. Soo yummy. A must to try and all your mates  will jealous wit the mouth watering flavor. Just dont tell them the secret.    

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