About us


It all started with just $20




While on holidays we stopped in at a garage sale and there it was, a small dehydrator. It was only $20. What did i have to loose?

A lover of food and i like to create.

Kevin Jerky’s entry into the Jerky industry was by chance – a fluke. A crane operator by trade he started taking a heap of beef jerky into work for his mates and they loved it.

The demand for it started growing and growing.

To keep up with the demand Kevin had to make his own drying machine. He started making his jerky the long and arduous way that included sitting down and cutting his beef into strips.

That would take hours eventually he realised he had to buy a machine to slice the meat and build a bigger drying machine.

Eventually, Kevin left his job as a crane operator to take on his full-time role as a Jerky maker.

At an expo in Rockhampton a few years back Kevin set up a stall selling his Jerky.

One of the products he had for sale was the Mega Hot 2 Beef Jerky containing the second hottest chilli in the world.